Friday, February 3, 2012

Luke's first trip to the ER

My poor little boy.  He had his first trip to the emergency room today.  He and Shelby were playing at the playground and he ran smack dab into a pole on the play structure.  Split his litte forehead right open.  Momma looked at it and need a little more than jsut and Angry Birds bandaid.  So off to Madigan's ER we went.  Little guy was so brave.  After the Motrin Momma gave him kicked in, he didn't complain about the pain and was very brave during the whole event.  Why do I have the feeling this in not the last time my little dare devil will end up in the ER for something???

                                                      See...even smiling for the picture!

Pre glue
All smiles post-glue. 
A sticker and a sucker to do a lot for this kiddo.  Here's hoping our next ER visit is not for a good long time!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My laundry helpers!

I was invaded I tell you...invaded!  I was trying to catch up on the mountains of laundry that happens in a 6 person and 1 dog household when I was suddenly invaded by 3 little munchkins!  I had that 3 month old stinker in her bumbo watching me and suddenly Emily was surrounded by her siblings.  (They do love her so!)  I didn't make matters better when I dropped the load of warm clothes fresh from the dryer on their heads.  Opps :-)  Oh well, it will eventually get folded and will probably be a little wrinkled but this Momma really doesn't care.  At least they're clean :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Change of Command Ceremony

Today was a big day for our family.  Not just for us but also for Corey.  This morning, he assumed command of the OSS squadron. A very big deal for him and a big deal for us.  Corey will now have a unique leadership role and responsibility and I now have the opportunity to work with the many spouses in our squadron.  I see a lot of work in both of our futures but I hope at the end of this tour, we'll look back and say "Well done."  Here's to the next chapter in our lives....

Darrell, Corey and Debbie

Grandad was able to make the trip too!

Our family, present and accounted for!

Corey listening...hum...that's new :-)

                         Passing of the squadron flag.               Corey giving is assumption of command speech

Rendering the first salute to his squadron.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Drew turns 9

Nine years old...where in the world did the time go?? Our last year of single digits! He's getting so big on me. I'm gonna blink and find a teenager standing in front of me! This year's birthday had a Lego of the new hobbies he developed after we moved here. Cake, presents and laser tag...what more could a boy ask for???
Me and my little man
Hum...wonder what he's wishing for??
Blow baby blow!
Laser tag fun. I lost count of how many rounds they played!
The birthday crew
Posing in front of his cake...not one of my best but it tasted good!
His birthday gift on his actual birthday. A rip stick. Much too complicated for Mom to try
Isn't he handsome! Every once in awhile, I get a real smile out of him. My baby is growing up!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas In Washington

Merry Christmas from Washington. Ahhh...most of you that know me, know that statement coming out of my mouth is hard to swallow. Kentucky is my place of choice for Christmas and spending it with our families. But, after just moving to WA this fall, Emily arriving in October and then the holiday schedule with the squadron, we flew to KY for Thanksgiving but that meant Christmas in Washington. It always feels weird to me when I'm sitting in my house on Christmas eve instead of hanging with our families in KY (and hoping for snow!) Santa was able to find us and the kiddos had a wonderful morning as always (I can't seem to find those particular pictures) and then my Christmas present parents and my brother and sister-in=law. So, I did get to hang out with my family during the Christmas break. And even though it made Corey's eyes roll and probably a snicker of complaint from the other men in our family, I scheduled family pictures again and here's how they turned out. I am blessed with a wonderful family, friends who love my goofy ways, four healthy and happy babies and a husband who loves us all. My greatest my life.
Our Family of Six
The Getz Family
My little sweeties!
This is about the only time Drew lets Shelby near him.
Proud Grandparents!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random baby cuteness

Christmas is right around the corner and Mommy says I'm growing like a weed. I'm offically 2 1/2 months old and such a stinker. Mommy was trying to get some cute pics today but I wanted to nap instead. Needless to say, Mom seems to have forgotten that grumpy babies don't like to take pictures.

Oh, and I've found my thumb too...its pretty tasty!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4 weeks old!

Hello world!!! Today marks 4 weeks in this crazy family. But, I sure am loved! Especially by my brothers and sister. Drew thinks I'm so awesome, Shelby never wants to put me down and Luke says I'm "so sweet". We're settling in pretty well around here but Momma is trying to get our new family routine down now that all the help has left the building. But, apparently I'm a very good baby. I don't cry very much and I really love to eat and burp. And I like to sleep, Momma has been fairly happy with the amount of sleep I've been letting her have :-) Anyway time to go make google eyes at Mommy again...she thinks I'm so stinkin' cute too!

Oh Lukie is so silly...he's gonna be lots of fun when I get bigger!

Oh my biggest brother, he really likes me.

Ahh sisters, she's pretty cool already!